1. What is BizCard?

BizCard is an all-in-one platform to create digital business cards. It is smart & affordable. It is fully customizable with stunning & responsive designs that work with every device.

2. Why do I need BizCard?

Do you spend a lot of money and time to print/replace your paper business cards? If yes, you need BizCard to help you save money and time – it is paperless, economical and you can connect with people all over the world with a simple click on the share button.

3. How do I create Bizcard?

To begin, you need to Sign Up on our website and Log in to your account to see your dashboard. – Watch short help video

4. Can I create BizCard on my mobile phone?

Definitely. BizCard is mobile friendly and can be created anywhere and anytime with access to the internet and can be shared online or offline via SMS.

5. Can I have multiple cards?

Yes. You can create as many cards as you want with your BizCard account.

6. Can I make changes to card already created?

Yes. You need to log in to your account to see all the business cards you have created. Click on anyone to make edits.

7. If I update my BizCard information - what will happen to the digital cards I sent in the past?

Your BizCards will be intact. Whatever changes you make will be automatically updated including the links you have shared with friends, family and clients.

8. How do I add images, videos and links?

You need to log in to your account to view your business cards. – Watch short help video

9. Can I Customize my BizCard?

Absolutely! You get to choose from 20 templates with designs that are easy on the eyes and suit your personal style and needs.

10. How do I share my card?

Once you have created your BizCard, it is ready to be shared with anyone. -Watch short help video

11. Do I need to pay for BizCard?

BizCard is free for the first 3 months and then you pay N20,000 to keep enjoying full access to all your digital business cards..

12. Have specific questions?

If you want to chat with us about your digital business card needs, we’re always here to help. Call us or Send a message contact us